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My wife Helen ( 38) and (41 ) had moved in last July and my old friend Paul to stay the weekend shortly after. Roped him to help me build a wall around the patio in the garden behind the house, and was a good laugh talking about old times in which we work out. Helen was and with drinks and snacks, and when it was hot wearing a bikini and a pair of small shorts plush. Paul was separated and was clearly enjoying teasing Helen is a little bit about your muscles. He's dying around 1. 65, short hair, slim, with a round of upland and big tits with large nipples and large areola, breast type for most men. ended around 6 and went to take a shower. Paul and I went to the bathroom and the second downsatirs had not yet been converted. Having played loads of sports together in recent years has been used to be naked in each other's company were and are with showers, Paul first, and chat. then theUnexpected. gaytube Paul went into the bedroom, bathroom en-suite to find Helen in her bikini top just their shorts in the hamper. I heard him apologize, went to see what had happened. Helen did not flinch, and sat on the edge of the bed and told us to go see it. We stood before her, both naked, and took our cocks in each hand and gently squeezed together, we push them. We are dragging their feet, which now closes the thigh against thigh, and with a long putt to the back, covered our bell at Paul gasped "demons " with heavy breathing. She did not move, just clung to us, pull the foreskin back and saw the tail grow. Soon we were hard as a rock too, and I was hoping to see Paul in the gaytube mouth. She looked at me and told me to put a hand on the back of the head and keep the base of the penis with the other Paul. took his cock in my hand and felt great. " Put him in my mouth", whichsaid, and pushed and pushed her head toward him with the other hand, an incredible feeling. When I was sucked in her eyes and took him for a moment to tell me to get a condom from the drawer of the nightstand. I was spinning around my b